Fossil Creek

SONY ILCE-7RM3, 1⁄2 sec, f/22, ISO 50

Over two years ago we learned about Fossil Creek. Last summer the whole area was closed for months due to extrem fire danger. This year we finally decided to make it happen. I checked the availability for permits and found

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Horseshoe Dam

SONY ILCE-7RM3, 1⁄400 sec, f/14, ISO 640

Exactly to the day one year ago we came here with my mom. It was a cloudy rather trist day and we didn’t see a single flower and only a few puddles of water. Today it looked quite a bit

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This time of the year

SONY ILCE-7RM3, 1⁄100 sec, f/8, ISO 100

It’s fall, even here in the desert, and we hear from different sources that now is the time to see some fall colors. For us this means that we have to drive to higher elevations where we can find oaks,

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Arizona River Otters

SONY ILCE-7RM3, 1⁄500 sec, f/5.6, ISO 2500

On December 8, 2017 we saw our first Arizona river otter at the Salt River (Coon Bluff) – a rare sighting as I can tell. This week I was following a hint from a friend to a different location further

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Wonderful morning

SONY ILCE-7RM3, 1⁄250 sec, f/8, ISO 320

As most weekends this winter I went with Marco to the Salt River at Goldfield Rd. When heading towards the sand cliffs to look for javelina and maybe bighorn sheep we came a cross a small band of horses with

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