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The Least Bitterns Return: New Life at the Gilbert Water Preserve

SONY ILCE-7RM5, f/5.6, 1/640 sec, ISO 1,250

Like many years before, the world’s tiniest herons, the Least Bittern have chosen the Gilbert Water Preserve to have their chicks this summer. Adapted uniquely for marsh life, this elusive bird and its charming chicks paint a picture of resilience and natural beauty that captivates bird lovers every year.

Watching the babies evolve from fluffy feather balls, waiting to be fed by their parents, into colorful birds hunting dragonflies themselves has been a fantastic experience.

Unlike its fellow herons that wade in the shallows, the Least Bittern maneuver skillfully through cattails and reeds, using their long toes to cling to the stems. Their slender physique allows them to weave effortlessly through the tangled undergrowth, unseen by many. They are masters of concealment.

The Least Bittern family, with its annual return, reminds us of the tenacity of life and the harmonious balance of ecosystems. Amidst the chaos of modern existence, these herons offer a glimpse into simpler rhythms, a serene call to reconnect with nature.

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