Jumping bighorn sheep

Bighorn sheep, also known as Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, are known for their impressive jumping ability. They are able to jump up to 15 feet in a single bound, which allows them to navigate steep and rocky terrain with ease.

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Cedar waxwings

A few years ago we ran into a flock of a small beautiful migratory bird at the Salt River – we immediately fell in love with them – this year they are finally back in the valley. Cedar waxwings are

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Desert bighorn sheep

About three weeks ago I discovered a female bighorn sheep (ewe) with her baby and I have been watching them almost daily – it is absolutely fascinating to witness the fast progress of this little lamb and how it follows

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Holiday Greetings

Year end is approaching fast and we are happy to report that we got through the year without major incidents and Covid-19. We made some great memories in Page, AZ by visiting South Coyote Buttes, Wire Pass Canyon and Buckskin

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Slot Canyon Day

Since we only have one day left and Bill had mentioned before that he would be interested in shooting some slot canyons, we take him to Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch. We don’t see too many people, which makes it

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Coyote Buttes South

When we set the date for our trip with Bill, we were disappointed to find out that there were no permits left for Coyote Buttes South for that week, but we decided to come anyway, since there is so much

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