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To look at things is very different from seeing it – Oscar Wilde

Through the Lens of Life: Capturing the Beauty in Every Moment


Who We are

We are Jackie and Marco, a couple having been together for more than 35 years. We are both originally from Switzerland and fell in love with Southern California, when Marco did his MBA in San Diego in 1994/95. Since then we kept coming back year after year and spent as much time as possible in the US until we found an immigration lawyer in 2004 who guided us through the long process of applying for a green card based on Marco’s extraordinary abilities in the accounting field.

Finally in July 2008 we had, as the last step of the whole process, our interview at the American Embassy in Berne. A few weeks later they sent our passports with an immigration visa, allowing us 6 months to complete the immigration!

Despite recession and a very bad outlook of the economy we decided that we have nothing to loose and that we had worked too hard to get that far to loose it all again. So, Jackie quit her job, we started packing, sold our furniture and eventually also our car and arrived in San Francisco on January 12, 2009 with 4 suitcases to complete the immigration and start our lives in the US.

Through our photography we have deepened our love to nature and developed a stronger desire to get away from the busy city and crowded places. We find serenity and strength in watching wildlife and spending time in nature. 

We believe that if everyone took the time to look at nature the way we do our planet would be treated with greater respect.

To learn more on how we are making a living, please visit our business website: j-cons.com.

Please enjoy our blog and contact us with any questions, remarks or ideas.


Jackie & Marco