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Manfrotto TriFlip 8:1 Grip Reflector Kit (30″)

Manfrotto TriFlip 8:1 Grip Reflector Kit (30″)


  • Includes 2-Stop TriGrip Diffuser
  • TriFlip Sleeves, 7 Reflective Surfaces
  • Reversible, Double-Coated Surfaces
  • Collapses to One Third of Open Size


The Lastolite 30″ TriFlip 8 in 1 Grip Reflector Kit begins with the 30″ translucent TriGrip collapsible reflector with padded handle. The TriGrip is extremely useful, when shooting solo – without an assistant. The padded handle makes it possible to operate a camera and adjust the reflector by hand, to enhance the lighting of a nearby subject in the studio, or on location.

The TriFlip sleeves are designed to increase the versatility of the TriGrip diffuser. Simply insert the TriGrip into the TriFlip sleeve for instant access to different reflective surfaces. The TriFlips provide 7 different surfaces in just two reversible sleeves.

  • Black, Gold, Sunfire, Sunlite, Silver, SoftSilver, and White surfaces may be applied to any lighting scheme.
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