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ProMediaGear: GKJr. Katana Junior Telephoto Lens Gimbal Head

ProMediaGear: GKJr. Katana Junior Telephoto Lens Gimbal Head


  • Smooth panning and tilt locking mechanism (separate from assembly mounts)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible lens mount
  • Hard anodized scratch resistant finish
  • Sealed, Maintenance Free, Ball Bearings
  • Lightweight aircraft quality aluminum
  • CNC Precision machined parts
  • 5-year warranty
  • Rated below freezing (-40 Celsius) for smooth operation without motion freeze
  • Made in USA


Ball Head is an essential item in any Professional Photographers Gear Bag. ProMediaGear BH1 ball head is not your average ball head. Made to Last, it’s CNC precision crafted in the USA, from best alloys and stainless steel, it has all the features you need in a professional ball head. The knob dominates and shapes the entire ball head, it’s large and easy to feel and find from any angle. Designed for fast action adjustments, it allows for 90-degree tilting in any opposite direction, at any time in any direction, unlike typical ball heads that allow 90 degree tilts only in a predefined slot. This Ball Head is suitable for Wide Angle to Super Telephoto lenses, Outdoor and Wildlife Photography, and can be used with any camera. Whether you are a Nikon, Canon or Sony shooter, it will improve the quality of your pictures and better your skills in the easiest way possible. The clamp is laser engraved with millimeter scale for precise positioning of the camera.The #GKJr. Katana Jr. Gimbal Head was created to provide the ultimate marriage between size, weight and functionality. The junior is able to support any lens, yet is portable enough to be backpacked through the jungle at just 2.40 lbs! The truss design manufactured out of rigid T6061 Aluminum required the PMG team of engineers to program the CNC machines to their limits. The Gimbal features an independent Pan and Tilt knob large enough to be handled with gloved hands. An Arca Compatible cradle clamp nestles your camera plate or long lens mount with precision and security. The fluid type movements will allow you to quickly control your camera and lens combo as if it were an extension of your body. The bottom of the Katana Jr. is a standard 3/8-16 threaded tripod adapter. Treat yourself to one of the smoothest and lightest gimbals on the market today!

The Katana Junior is manufactured out of hard anodized, scratch-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy and CNC precision machined in the USA. Designed with precision sealed, maintenance free, bearings for long life and durability to enable the heads smooth movements.

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