Time to leave

On June 12, after 10 months in unit 125 at David and Elina’s ABVI in Las Cruces, we feel that the time as come to move on (hopefully back to San Diego). We have a good lead for a guest

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We lost our home

It is mid August, when Pat our landlord asks me if he could come upstairs to talk – I feel that he doesn’t want to talk about the weather. Indeed, the sad news is that they have decided to sell

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Apartment feels empty

SONY SLT-A99V, 1⁄200 sec, f/13, ISO 100

The two weeks with Astrid and Andrej flew by so quickly, we couldn’t believe it. We had a very good time with them and enjoyed every minute of it. The weather was in our favor, sometimes windy and cold but

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Who is going to clean the car?

SONY SLT-A77V, 1⁄400 sec, f/13, ISO 100

At the East Coast they are suffering the consequences of this terrible, once in a life time, Blizzard and we have had some rain last night. Since it’s been relatively cold, we assume that back in the mountains it has

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The kids in San Diego

SONY SLT-A77V, 1⁄320 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100

Before we left Las Cruces in August we mentioned to the kids that they might visit us in San Diego in their fall break. They could hardly contain themselves anymore and at the end of September we started getting calls

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