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Sony Vertical Grip for the Sony DSLR-A700 Digital Camera

Sony Vertical Grip for the Sony DSLR-A700 Digital Camera


  • Magnesium Body & Sealing against dust and moisture
  • Convenient for holding the camera in vertical position for portrait and people photography
  • Doubling main operation control buttons both in horizontal and vertical position
  • Identical control buttons position for ease of use
  • Holds two high-capacity NPFM500H batteries, doubling as a convenient handhold and large-capacity power supply
  • Accurate remaining time indication of each battery (remaining battery power indication with single digit accuracy)


This vertical grip makes shooting easier – it’s that simple. Once screwed on to the bottom of your Sony camera, it not only gives the camera better “heft” but provides a more convenient way to shoot “long” shots since it has a vertical release as well.

The other “wow” factor of this piece is the supplementary battery supply it can hold. Pop two NP-FM500H batteries (not included) inside and you’ve got a back-up power supply for those important shoots.

For the serious shooter, this lightweight accessory should be considered an integral part of any camera gear bag.

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