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Snow in the desert

SONY ILCE-1, f/14, 1/320 sec, ISO 320

Winter in the Arizona desert is usually mild, with comfortable daytime temperatures and cool nights and snow is only common in the northern and central parts of the state, particularly in the higher elevations, such as the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Sedona. In these areas, the snow can fall heavily and create stunning views of white snow covering the red rocks and canyons.

However, occasionally, the state experiences a rare and magical event – snowfall in the desert – not even an hour away from where we live. The snow transforms the desert into a magical and surreal landscape, with cactus and other desert plants dusted with snow.

The snowfall in the Arizona desert can sometimes create problems and pose risks. The low-lying desert areas are not accustomed to heavy snowfall, and the roads can become treacherous, making travel difficult – sadly we witnessed at least two accidents driving up to Sycamore Creek early morning. The snow can also cause power outages, water shortages, and other issues that residents and businesses in the desert are not prepared to deal with.

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