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All the way up to Crescent City

SONY DSC-V1, f/8, 1/250 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 103,765
07:00: time to get, pack and go. We are heading north to the coast, passing some more wineries.
The road along the coast is as beautiful as before. We drive through little towns/villages, some of which are more and others less pretty and inviting.

I late afternoon after following a scenic road through an impressive Redwood forest (the trees were standing very close to each other, but were never the less tall and big) we arrive in Eureka. Expecting a nice historic town with some hotels and places to eat where we could stay over night, we were some how disappointed. But the hotels are all terribly expensive of fully booked out. Also the town seemed dirty and run down. At this point we have made over 200 miles already and as Marco suggests driving on to Crescent City (another 80 miles) I think he is joking. But guess where we sleep that night – in Crescent City! On our way there we drive through more of these terrific Redwood forests and see a group of wild Elk grassing on a meadow. The hotels here have more reasonable prices again and are not fully sold out yet. So we find a nice and clean room at the Pacific Inn and enjoy an authentic Thai dinner.

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