Shelter Island

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and after all the gardening and the physical work we did yesterday, we deserve a relaxing day.

We actually planed to take a walk at Mission Bay, but we see from the highway already that they have a special event: Some of the parking lots are closed and crowds of people jog along the walkway. We don’t want to disturb them and continue further south to Shelter Island where we haven’t been in a long time.

It’s a lovely relaxing walk along the shore and the port with all the million-dollar yachts. On the way back to our car we see a seal (or sea-lion) swimming between the boats in a small enclosed bay with a boat ramp. He is very curios and not afraid of boats and people at all. The fisher returning from their trips seem to feed him with their left-over baits and maybe some fish they don’t want to take home – he seems to be well fed!

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