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Lucy, we miss you!

Today, it has been three weeks since our landlord’s cat, Lucy, disappeared.
Still every time we walk out on our balcony we check the neighbors property and the roof of the house behind it where she used to roam around and still we check the website of the animal shelter for lost and found pets regularly (maybe not 5 times a day anymore but still at least once). In our minds we know that the chances of her coming home or being dropped off at the animal shelter are very small, but in our hearts we haven’t given up yet – we still miss her a lot!

Lucy has been such a sweet loving cat, very shy and alert – it took her 6 months to trust us and let us touch her when we moved here – and she has been very vocal, expressing what she wanted. When she came up to visit she enjoyed the quiet and slept for hours on the sofa, or she laid in the sun behind the window. When she was here in the evening she took chances and hopped onto my lap where she turned on her back and let me rub her precious snow white belly. She was very “demanding” and jealous and started reaching for my hand when I tried to do something else and didn’t give her my full attention. When she had enough she sat on the stairs that lead to the door (and should we not notice that she was there) started meowing.

We have no idea what happened to her. We cannot imagine that someone “stole” her as she was so shy. And she certainly didn’t walk into someone’s garage or shed where she could have been locked in – or if she did, she would express herself, by meowing. We have asked around, told the gardeners, posted flyers, placed an ad on craigslist and walked around the whole neighborhood calling her name countless times – not a single sign of her, nothing!

Should we give up hope yet? We don’t know, some people say their cat came back after 5 or 6 weeks. Well, the cat door is still open and the bowl of food is ready, she is welcome whenever!

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