Thousand Oaks – Los Angeles – Santa Monica – San Diego

Odometer: 6,800

Time: 07:00

Today we head straight into the “chaos” of Los Angeles. HWY 101 leads us to Thousand Oaks where we spontaneously decide to call an old friend who lives there. He is up and on his way to church. But, we meet him a bit later (after church) for a coffee and a nice chat.

At around lunchtime we take the rest of the distance to LA, passing by Farmers Insurance Offices at Wilshire Blvd – a very nice part of town, we have to admit. But commuting to Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley is definitely not an option (should I ever get a job with Farmers). Even on Sunday the traffic is horrendous.

We follow Wilshire Blvd and then Santa Monica Blvd, through all these nice and expensive neighborhoods to the Ocean – where the actual fun is taking place. We drive along Ocean Avenue first and then the Pacific HWY for a while, but then decide to take the Freeway to get out of the crowd and down to San Diego. We are both tired and just don’t feel like a bath in all these people. We have seen it and can always come back. With the car it is anyway difficult here, either you park the car far away and walk or rent a bike.

About 2 hours later we arrive in San Diego. We are glad that we made it back without any accidents or other incidents, which is certainly not something that can be taken for granted. Our trip lead us through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, British Columbia (Canada), Oregon and California. We did about 14,000 Miles in 70 days. It was fantastic, we had such a good time and saw so many impressive and beautiful things, it’s unbelievable how much variety the Western United States have to offer and how close you can come to mother nature at certain places – just amazing and unique!

Overnight Stay: Extended Stay America, San Diego, CA

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