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1. August

As Marco has been craving a nice tasty Cervelat (Swiss sausage) for some time now, today is the day to get one!

The Swiss Club in San Diego is inviting to celebrate the Swiss Independence Day at their premises in Chula Vista and they also offer….. Bratwurst and Cervelat from the BBQ! We “dress up” and head south on HWY 5 to the Swiss Club. The language there is mostly English though and a lot of people walk around with T-Shirts that say “Swiss by Marriage”, it is a very mixed group of people. The Bratwurst is not very famous, unfortunately it’s with special spices and herbs. But, the Cervelat taste like real and Marco has to have a second one!

During the evening a nice couple joins us at our table and we start talking. She is Norwegian and he is Swiss on an Expat assignment. They arrived in San Diego only recently. After dinner, when the Jodler and the Laendler Music get too much, we decide to show our new friends Coronado.

It turns out to be a nice evening with good company!

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