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Mammoth Hot Springs, Cody

SONY DSC-V1, f/6.3, 1/500 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 106,030
At 7:40 (shortly after getting up) we are on the road again back into the park. We enjoy the beauty of Mammoth Hot Springs early in the morning before the big crowd comes back – it was magnificent! All these colors and smells, made it a very impressive experience.

We take the road to Norris, the only road we haven’t driven yet. We stop at Roaring Hill, a hill blowing out steam at a lot of different places. We see more buffalos again today, a coyote, a rabbit and some squirrels. In Norris we turn around and drive back all the way to Tower Falls we passed last night. The fall itself is not as impressive as we would have expected, but the canyons and cliffs in that area were still very fascinating to see. The parks northern part is completely different than the south. The last two days were an unforgettable experience. We leave the park at the north east and head to Cody. The landscape is of a fascinating diversity and beauty. The Hwy really deserves the title scenic.

Late afternoon we arrive in Cody, an old Western Town named after Bill Cody. The Green Gables Inn has a room for us and before we unpack we go to Bubba’s BBQ for dinner and then to Mc Donald’s for ice cream and coffee.

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