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Pacific Coast – Santa Rosa

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/200 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 59,280

Time: 08:30

As predicted, it is foggy. The higher the difference between the temperature of the air and the one of the sea (which is about 52 F (11 Celsius) year round) the more fog. The best months apparently are January and February, because then the temperatures are about equal and therefore there is no fog. So, we were very lucky yesterday to have a full day of sunshine along the coast!

We continue south on HWY 1. Despite or maybe just because of the fog the atmosphere is very special and the change of thick heavy fog and light fog is fascinating. We stop frequently and enjoy the game of the sun and the fog. Everywhere along the coast we find beautiful meadows with dozens of different wild flowers and the smell in the air – amazing and awesome! We also see vultures picking on a dead seal, live seals lingering around at a beach and playing in the water, pelicans, herons, cormorants, hawks, a sea star, lots of sea urchins (Seeigel) and seagulls with their little ones. The little seagulls are gray with black dots, they perfectly match the gray rocks in the background of their nests, we had never seen such small baby seagulls yet.

At some river entries we take little detours to find access to the river and check for fish. In some places there are still some redwoods as well.

We pass through little villages and towns along the HWY and the further south we get the more character the communities have: Little cafes, restaurants, Inns, B&Bs and stores that are unique, nice and inviting to stay. Most of the towns here are living from tourism today as their original business i.e. lumber and/or fishing, had to be closed down because of lack of resources.

We follow HWY 1 all the way to Bodega Bay where we take a turn inland to Santa Rosa to find a motel for the night.

Overnight Stay: Country Inn & Suites, Santa Rosa, CA

Dinner: Sizzler

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