Grand Staircase Escalante, Cottonwood Rd.

Odometer: 116,100 (ca.) 8:45 leaving Page on Hwy 89 west and turn right into Cottonwood Road of the 46 we drive 21 miles first leading trough moon like landscape then back a valley between two completely different types of mountains. Since there are a lot of phone and electrical cables to both sides of the road it is difficult to take good pictures. On the way back to Page we turn left in Big Water to find out how far we get on Smoky Mountain Road. On the first intersection we turn right into a road which soon resembles more a creek than a road. But Marco using his experience as a truck driver in the Army is managing to get further into the canyon than anyone could have expected. It is impressive as well as adventures to head that far out into the wilderness. Before dark we return back to Page for a nice prime rib at Peppers.

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