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To look at things is very different from seeing it – Oscar Wilde

Finally summer is here!

SONY DSLR-A700, f/5.6, 1/640 sec, ISO 200

After complaining for more than 6 months about fog, marine layer and chili temperatures here in San Diego we finally have nice cloudless skies from sunrise to sunset and temperatures reaching into the 90’s (more than 30 celsius)!
We are not complaining, but would like to mention that in our apartment up under the roof with big windows facing south, it has been quite warm this week. So we found an escape by going to the beach late afternoon to watch the sunset.
Sunsets are always beautiful to watch, never the same, and offer nice escape from the daily tasks.
Even if the sky is clear and (obviously) neither the sun nor the ocean change from one day to the next, the light and the scenery are never the same, it looks different every day. You could think that after 4 or 5 days of watching the sunset, you have seen it. But, we keep going back and enjoying every single day.

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