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Point Loma in fall

SONY DSLR-A900, f/9, 1/800 sec, ISO 200

The nice weather is back and it’s a beautiful Sunday.
At around 9:00 am we leave the house to drive out to Point Loma, hoping to be there before there are too many people. Indeed there are hardly any cars and we are free to roam around and take pictures without having to wait for people to move away from the objects. Even at the light house we are the only ones present!
Later we drive down to the tide pools and take a walk there. The tide is moving in and we not only see but also experience some nice big splashes. Jackie gets a good size hit and walks away with wet shoes, T-shirt and backpack!
On the way back to town we stop at the Point Loma military cemetery. It’s the first time we take the time to look at the gravestones and urn graves and really realize how many there are. Obviously, not all of them died in a war, there are also a lot of graves from veterans and family members. We leave quietly and back in the car sort out the different wars and when they took place.

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