Along the Colorado River to Moab

Odometer: 107,484
06:30: Marco gets up for the first time, but joins me again for another half hour. 08:00: it was a long half hour. It’s raining. We finally get up, have breakfast and leave at 8:45. On Hwy 50 we travel north to Grand Junction where we shop for winter jackets. By the time we get out of the store all the clouds are gone and the sun is shining.

We take Hwy 70 back to Utah for a short while before getting off again onto scenic Byway 128. What expects us there is magnificent scenery of red rock formations while driving along the Colorado River. We are overwhelmed by the beauty of this canyon and stop frequently to take pictures. It is indeed nearly as impressive as Monument Valley – just amazing! It takes us about 3 hours to cover 20 miles, we enjoy it so much. Late afternoon we arrive in Moab and check out some Motels to find a decent room for a fair price. The Red Rock Lodge is offering a nice room for USD 55 which we decide to take even though there is no breakfast included. We unload our bags and head for something to eat (Chili and some chicken with a salad). After dinner we drive to the Arches National Park to see the sunset. The light is perfect to take some beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, we miss the sunset by the Delicate Arch, which would have been very nice according to the AAA guide. Well, we have seen enough to decide that we have to come back tomorrow. This park with all its Red Rock formations is as beautiful and impressive as Monument Valley and, because the formations a bit smaller you can get closer to them and experience them more intensely. Again, another beautiful day is ending.

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