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Enjoy your flight

The dreaded day has arrived: It’s January 25th and we have to leave again. Since our flight is early afternoon only we have plenty of time to finish packing and help cleaning up in the morning before we all start crying and saying good bye.

“Welcome on board and enjoy your flight” is one of the first things we hear on board. Well then let’s see: we have to go through security in Zurich and again in London (remove your belt, take off your shoes, remove the computer from the bag, empty all your pockets, take your jacket off, place your watch into the tray, did I forget anything? Oh yes, in Zurich I even had to take the iPad out of my bag. Then we squeeze into our seats, with very little leg space and just uncomfortably steep backrests, we get drinks but no snacks, we get food that is hardly edible, we have to go get water when we are thirsty, the air is dry and the almost 11 hours from Heathrow to San Diego seem endless. Plus, the immigration in San Diego is an absolute hassle: fingerprints left and right, picture taking, stamps here and there and screening of green card, then customs: all the luggage has to be screened again!


Last but not least, Pat picks us up and we arrive home healthy but tired and with all our luggage – thank you Pat.

The weather in San Diego is beautifully sunny and warm and we only realize the next day how much we have missed the sun and the ocean.

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