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Yellowstone – Day 4 – Teton National Park – Idaho Falls

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/200 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 54,790

Time: 09:00

One more day in Yellowstone!

We drive sixty something miles to the East Entrance of the park. This is the area where they had big fires 5 years ago, so this whole section is new to us. The road first leads over a pass and then mostly through the forest to Lake Yellowstone. Today we see the lake from the other side and with bright sunshine, a beautiful sight. And, grazing at the lake shore, another buffalo – very picturesque. We take some time to take a nice walk at the bridge over Yellowstone River (where it just leaves the lake). The lake and the river have a lot of water and therefore some areas at the shore are flooded, which causes even more breeding places for mosquitos, of which there are plenty! There is water everywhere, firstly because there is still snow melting and secondly because it has been raining a lot.

At West Thumb we turn south. We explore Lake Lewis and later leave the park through the south exit.

Besides a few buffalos we don’t see any animals in the park today (they probably have a day off).

Just to the south of Yellowstone is Teton National Park, with its mountain range (Mount Teton is over 13,000 feet (3’900 Meter) and its lakes. There is still a lot of snow up in the mountains and spring has only just arrived in the whole area. The drive along Jackson Lake and Lake Jenny is very scenic, the weather beautiful and the temperature nice (around 75 Fahrenheit / 23 Cesius) and comfortable for a change.

At around 7:00 pm we arrive in Idaho Falls. The road from Jackson (just south of Teton National Park) to Idaho Falls leads over Teton Pass and then through Idaho farm land – this is where the food comes from! Potatoes and/or grassland as far as your eyes can see!

After dinner we take a walk at Snake River and Marco takes some more sunset pictures of the Mormon Temple. The river has meanwhile flooded parts of the walkway and ducks and geese seem to enjoy it as much as dogs and kids do.

Overnight Stay: South Fork Inn, Idaho Falls, ID

Dinner: Olive Garden

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