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Salt Lake City

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/400 sec, ISO 200

Odometer approx: 53,950

Time: 11:30

Yesterday we drove from Moab to Salt Lake City. The weather was cloudy, sometimes even rainy. Once here we first looked for a hotel and then for a Wal-Mart to get the tires of our Jeep balanced again and to get the oil change done.

Today we take it easy. Towards lunch we find a Chrysler Dealership to get the suspension of the Jeep checked. They also do the alignment as it seems to be necessary. We sit there in the sun and wait for them to finish and are glad to hear that otherwise everything is ok and that our car would be in very good shape.

In the afternoon we visit Kennecott Copper Mine just south of Salt Lake City: a very impressive sight. If you see all these huge trucks and diggers working in that immense hole in the earth they look like toys, but in reality they are as big as houses. Please visit this link to read more amazing facts about the mine and the equipment: Kennecott.

Right down the road of the copper mine is a station where they care for wild horses. There are still about 35,000 wild horses in the western States of the US. Currently they have about 250 horses at this station for people to adopt (usually they have about twice as many). Some of the horses are still very shy, other already lost their fear of people. Most of them are quite small and elegant but there are also a view big and sturdy ones. Apparently they need to collect some horses to keep the wild population under control and to not let them become too many.

Overnight Stay: Microtel Inn and Suites, Salt Lake City, UT

Dinner: Chuck-A-Rama

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