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Wildhorses in Heber

SONY ILCE-7RM3, f/8, 1/1250 sec, ISO 500

I made myself a birthday present by taking the day off, so Marco and I could go on a day trip up to Heber, where another herd of wild horses have their territory. This herd is smaller than the Salt River herd and they have a lot more land to roam.

It was amazing to see them in these wast grass land and light forests. They too have a lot of babies right now and one of the mares actually must have given birth just shortly before we drove up to them. The foal was still laying on the ground and the mare still had the birth sack hanging out. We stayed with them maybe an hour or so and watched the little one get up, familiarize with his mom and his surroundings and eventually walk with the band.

While standing there watching the horses we saw an FJ Cruiser coming towards us: Dennis and  Lisa, what a nice surprise! We spent some time together, shared our picknick before moving on at our own pace again.

On the way up early morning (we left home at 3:30am) we saw big herds of elk and deer, which was amazing as well – we have never seen that many.

Heber is at over 6600 feet (2000+ Meter) elevation and it was nice and cool when we got up there: 55 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius). When we got home late afternoon it was 110 Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) down in Scottsdale.

Marco did a great job driving once again – Thank you Sweety!

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