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Yellowstone – Day 2

SONY DSLR-A700, f/11, 1/500 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: approx. 54’450

Time: 08:00

It has rained during the night and it is bitter cold (47 Fahrenheit / 8 Celsius) and still cloudy.

After making sure that we will have a room again tonight, we head off to the Park again. From West Yellowstone to Madison and then we turn south towards Old Faithful and eventually Lake Yellowstone.

We see lots of geysers in all sizes and shapes some of them are pools of boiling water other are blubbering wholes that erupt from time to time. The pools are very deep (at least 8 meters) and filled with very clear boiling water, the reflections vary from green to turquoise to deep blue with boarders varying in color from white, through orange to black. It’s hard to find words to describe the beauty of these geysers especially if the sun is shining! Those who erupt have completely different schedules, some of them are absolutely unpredictable, some erupt every few seconds or minutes, other every few hours or days and one of them they mentioned erupts between every 4 days to 50 years.

The west area of the park all the way south to Old Faithful, which is the biggest geyser in the park, is densely packed with geysers where as on the east side there are hardly any. There are more forests and rivers. Yellowstone river e.g., which right now carries a lot of water has built Grand Canyon of Yellowstone over time and runs through several falls to lower elevations. At various places we stopped at overlooks to see the impressive forces of water.

We do the whole “inner circle” of Yellowstone and late afternoon return to West Yellowstone again. An amazing day!

Overnight stay: Moose Creek Motel, West Yellowstone, MT

Dinner: KFC

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