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Lake Mead, Las Vegas

SONY DSC-V1, f/3.2, 1/1 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 102,085
8:20: we are getting up late again. But never mind, it’s only about 150 Miles to Las Vegas. First the Highway leads through the mountains to our left as well as to our right we pass high walls of rock. We then drive through Lake Mead Recreational Area. It’s getting hotter and hotter. The hills and mountains here are covered with a layer of lava and underneath you can see the red limestone. The desert is presenting itself in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, white, green, to red, orange and purple.

In Las Vegas we first drive down Las Vegas Blvd through downtown and the famous Strip: it’s so unreal – it’s crazy. It’s also very hectic and crowded and hot and Marco feels kind of overwhelmed. Best Western Mardi Gras a bit off The Strip is the place we want to spend the night. In the evening we stroll through some hotels and casinos – if you have seen one, you have seen them all. It proves to be difficult to find a place to have a decent dinner at a fair price. So, we end up at Starbucks (the first one we see since we left San Diego) and have a piece of cake and a Frappucino for dinner. We are gambling until about 1:30 (eventually loosing even though Marco won some 100 Dollars).

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