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SONY SLT-A99V, f/13, 1/200 sec, ISO 100

After 4 weeks we say our goodbye again to all our loved ones and head back to the Zurich airport on Wednesday morning. The weather forecast for Chicago is good, so we can expect a hopefully hassle free flight all the way to San Diego. We soon leave the layer of fog behind us and rise above the clouds. It is beautiful and very picturesque up here.

We are flying in from Canada over the great lakes and see downtown Chicago from far. We get a good view of the whole city, with all it’s old buildings. The further away we get from downtown towards the airport the more modern and bigger the homes get.

We don’t have much time to catch our connecting flight, and we only make it with the help of our fellow travelers, who are also stuck in the long line for the security checks, as they let us move forward and pass by – thank you!

By the time we take off it’s night and we only see the lights of the cities we are flying over. We arrive in San Diego ahead of time but use the time gained to report one of our bags missing – it didn’t make it onto our flight from Chicago, and they then sent it with a later flight via Los Angeles. We get it the next day late afternoon delivered to our home.

We would like to thank our parents, siblings and our friends for having us and for spoiling us so much. We really enjoyed our stay and had a great time with all of you – thank you from the bottom our our hearts!

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