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Smoky Hollow Road and Missing Creek Road

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/800 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 51,446

Time: 09:30

We get used to checking the weather forecast before deciding what to do that day. Today seems to be ok again until mid afternoon, when they predict some thunderstorms again. This gives us enough time for a trip up to the Smoky Mountains. We take HWY 89 to Big Water, turn right into Ethan Ellan and then turn right into Warm Creek Road, after about 14 miles we turn left into Smoky Hollow Road which leads directly up into the mountains. Stunning views of rock settings and colors let us stop again and again to enjoy and take pictures – awesome! After about 12 miles up the hill either in the river bed or close by, we reach the top plateau which has completely different vegetation and rather roundly shaped rocks – a different world!

It is only about noon and the sky is threateningly dark already we see lightnings and hear thunders shortly after. We hurry on and try to escape the storm. The descend on Missing Creek Road is very steep and only for people not afraid of hight. Despite the thunderstorm chasing us, we take some time to stop and take pictures. We have to come back here to see this part of the Smoky Mountains when the sun is shining. It is beautiful in cloudy conditions already, but it must be terrific with sunshine!

On Warm Creek Road again back to Big Water we pass through some showers, not very bad though and not hard enough to force us to race back. We take it easy. 

Overnight Stay: Motel 6 (as Debbie’s Hide A Way is fully booked)

Dinner: McDonalds

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