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Warm Creek Bay through Crosby Canyon

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/800 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 51’236

Time: 09:00

After a rain last night we check the weather and then decide that it is safe to do some gravel roads and river beds. So we take Smoky Mountain Road all the way to the first road leading towards Lake Powell which is Crosby Canyon. We follow the road which mostly runs in the riverbed through the canyon, to the left and to the right the beautiful steep and mostly white rock walls and side canyons. The further down we get the more sandy it gets and the wider the canyon gets and eventually we get to the lake at Warm Creek Bay. It is peaceful and quiet (if no boats and jet skies turn their rounds) and we see and hear fishes splashing under the bushes.

On the way back we turn off to another small sandy creek road at Big Water before we return to Page mid afternoon.

Towards 5:00 pm the sky turn dangerously black, it gets very windy and we see lots of lightnings, luckily only form far. The thunderstorm passes outside of Page.

Overnight Stay: Debbie’s Hide A Way

Dinner: Real American Hot Dogs from the BBQ at Debbie’s Hide A Way

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