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Arches, Canyonlands

SONY DSC-V1, f/7.1, 1/250 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 107,695
06:00 after a lousy night we get up before sunrise, quickly dress and head off to the Arches National Park to watch the sunrise. It was impressive seeing the sun coming up and illuminating the red sandstone formations. We slowly work our way to the end of the park – Devil’s Point. From there we walk about 3.5 km to the Double O Arches, first on nice walk ways and later over and between rocks, and back – it takes us about 3 hours but it was definitely worth it!

We drive back to Moab to get gasoline for our Toyota and a well deserved sandwich for us.
On Hwy 191 north again we follow the signs to Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands.  Dead Horse Point we bypass because they don’t accept our Golden Eagle Pass and the ranger is honestly confessing that we wouldn’t miss anything. So, we turn around and go directly to Canyonlands. After entering the park we turn left into a gravel road only recommended for 4-wheel drives. The road is ok at first, leading us at the edge of the plateau where we can see down to the next level of the canyons. Very scary! After a few miles we turn around because the road got worse and sandier and from then on follow the paved roads to the designated viewpoints. The views are magnificent and can hardly be captured accurately with the camera. Marco is an artist though and is taking some very nice shots. Towards the evening we return to Moab and find a room with breakfast at the Bowen Inn for USD 45 (after negotiating). We are very hungry and therefore go to a Steakhouse where we have a 16 oz prime rib / T-bone steak as well as a huge portion ice cream for desert.

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