Abundant beauty while escaping the heat

Last week Marco was up in Heber-Overgaard, AZ with a friend and came home raving about how beautiful it was. So, we keep watching the weather forecast and find that Monday would be perfect, sunny all morning and only in the afternoon some expected thunderstorms (we are still in monsoon season).

We leave early and arrive in Heber-Overgaard, AZ at around 7am. Driving US Forest Service Road 51 I’m amazed how lush and green everything is, beautiful wild flowers just about everywhere you look – it is absolutely gorgeous. 

Finding some horses is optional with such an abundance of beautiful plants. We drive quite a few miles without seeing a single horse at all. We take another walk into a small valley and then turn around. 

Shortly thereafter we see a band of wild horses grazing together with some cows with their babies. Then another band with a cute white foal suddenly walks in out of nowhere. We spend some time with them, observing and taking pictures and eventually, when they move on, get back in the car to start driving home. It is suddenly 11am already. Due to an overturned semi truck between Heber and Payson (we saw it already when driving in early morning) it takes us a lot longer. But, Marco brings us home safely and we are back at work mid-afternoon.

It was amazing and well worth the drive!

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