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Craters of the Moon – Boise

SONY DSLR-A700, f/11, 1/200 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 55,060

Time 09:00

We leave Idaho Falls on HWY 20 in direction of Arco. 18 Miles past Arco we visit the Craters of the Moon National Park. This park is all about lava. The whole area is over 3000 km2. There are lava flows with all edgy and sharp and others with round, soft forms. Little flowers are blooming and chipmunks are running around, there are even caves. The last outbreak was “only” about 2000 years ago.

After the park we continue to Boise (the capitol of Idaho), another about 180 miles. This country is so huge, you just want to go from one bigger town to the next and you easily do 250 miles. Idaho is mostly farming land, we see lots of potato and wheat fields, cattle and horses. There is water (little rivers and ponds) everywhere and therefore it is very green – a real feast for the eyes!

Overnight Stay: Rodeway Inn, Boise, ID

Dinner: Chuck-A-Rama

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