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Spring at the pond

SONY SLT-A77V, f/6.3, 1/400 sec, ISO 160

It is a regular Friday morning when we stand on our balcony and talk about our friends in Las Cruces and shortly thereafter decide to visit them. Thirty minutes later we hit the pavement and a good 10.5 hours after leaving, shortly after dark, arrive at their place.

On the weekend we relax, take the kids for a walk to Dripping Springs and get busy cooking for everybody.

The pond still looks amazing and the fish are doing well. The warmer temperatures and the massive hunger of the Koi (and the subsequent feeding) have led to some string algae growth though.
It is time to do some spring cleaning and to add some water plants.

Over the next two weeks we help them to get the pond clean, to get plants and distribute them in and around the pond and to extend the area for the tortoises (they are still hibernating though).

Last but not least we attempt to finish the waterfall and decorate it with rocks and plants. The end result is a gorgeous oasis in the desert, which now is really finished and ready to be enjoyed by the guests (and owners if they find the time)!

It has been a good time once again and we enjoyed the evening discussions over a nice glass of Australian red wine when times allowed it.

Thanks for your friendship and hope to see you again soon.

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  • Sounds fabulous, I hope Danny will let me go with him next time he goes to see Dr.Berkson. I miss those kids and of course Elina and David. Would love to see you guys when you are in town.

    The pond looks wonderful, you are the best friends anybody would have the fortune of to know.

    Take Care,
    Love, Linda & Danny

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