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Gizmo – adopted a new family

SONY SLT-A77V, f/5, 1/50 sec, ISO 1,600

It’s about time that I introduce myself: My name is Gizmo and I am a lovely young cat, who had to take action to get a new home. 

It was in October last year when I lost my previous home and found myself in this big Hotel’s courtyard with some other stray cats. They were digging through the trash to find food and we were all hiding during the day. I just couldn’t get myself to eat that stuff we found and I became really skinny and very very hungry.

So one early morning (on October 22nd)  I grabbed my heart walked up to that man who was out having a coffee, I meowed and begged for food – it worked, his wife came out when she heard me and they took me to their kitchen. She found some ground beef which she quickly cooked and then fed me. It was so good and it felt even better to curl up on their big soft bed afterwards with a full stomach.

I took frequent trips to the kitchen to eat more and they let me stay even over night! I had to wake her up though at 4am because they didn’t setup a litter box for me yet and I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. She walked with me out in the dark to a dirt pile at the back of the building where I did what I had to do and then we went back in and slept another 2 hours.

The next day, they organized a litter box and some real cat food for me. I stayed inside the whole day sleeping and eating – it felt very good and I felt safe.

Then they took me to the vet to check if I was chipped – I wasn’t (I could have told them) and I also was not fixed at that time. So over the next weeks I had some doctor appointments: I got chipped, neutered and I got all the necessary vaccines. 

I was gaining weight and got less scared of all the different “noises” outside, I started taking short trips into the courtyard, but whenever I heard a noise I run back to the apartment.

Then I got sick, I was sneezing and felt miserable – that meant more trips to the vet. They checked me out and said it was an upper respiratory infection. I got an antibiotic shot, but my sneezing didn’t get any better – in contrary, now I started sneezing blood – what a big mess. So they took me back and the vet decided to prescribe a different antibiotic, pills this time. First I refused to take them but they forced them into me, so I gave in and every day I made it a little easier for them feed the pills to me.
I recovered and since then have been a happy healthy cat, who can roam around the courtyard during the day and stay inside and sleep on my new parents feet at night. 

One day I actually really scared them, though. I left the apartment in the morning and did not return home until 4am the other day, I cannot tell you where I was but, I can tell you they were so happy when I came back – they must really love me!

More stories to follow.

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  • Such a lovely story! You did very well Gizmo of choosing these nice people 👌🏻

  • Cacciatore

    Congratulations on your pet care and love of animals. Enjoy Gizmo day and night.

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