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The raccoons said goodbye

After about 2.5 years in San Diego we are back to the Gipsy Life!

What happened? We had a good time, especially the last 1.5 years, we spent in the granny flat of Pat and Pat. You could say we had almost all we needed, we had each other, we had a sunny bright apartment and we were in sunny San Diego. But somehow it still didn’t feel like home and we still miss our families a lot, especially our parents. We kept having the same discussions again and again: do we want to stay or leave, if we leave where to, or should we even move back to Switzerland? All these questions kept haunting us and still do.

So finally during the course of this month we reached the conclusion that it’s time to take action. Yesterday we started packing and cleaning up the apartment and early this morning we loaded all our belongings into the car and headed east (see following post).
The next short term destination is Prescott, AZ. What the future holds for us from there, we don’t know yet! If you are following our blog you will find out together with us!

Shortly before we left San Diego, we heard some funny noise coming from our neighbors apricot tree – after obviously having a feast, we saw four raccoons coming to say goodbye. They passed between the houses walking on top of the fence to go home into the canyon after a wonderful breakfast.

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