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Evaporation Basin

SONY DSC-V1, f/8, 1/1000 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 105,060
Again 6:30 time to get up. I repack the trunk of our lovely Toyota to not have the Computer right over the muffler anymore. Things got a bit warm yesterday after speeding the Highway at 70 to 80 mph for several hours.

At 8:00 leave Elko to tackle the remaining 230 miles to Salt Lake City. The landscape is sometimes greener and sometimes less until we cross the Evaporation Basin of the Great Salt Lake where the Highway leads through on about 50 miles just straight, as straight as a street could be. To the left and to the right are vast salt lakes and in the distance we can see the silhouette of some mountains.
In general we are positively surprised by the variety of the landscape on this route through Nevada.

In Salt Lake City we find a very good deal from our coupon booklet: The Sky Harbor Suites, where we get a small one bedroom apartment for 30 USD. It is fully furnished and equipped.

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