Rain program

Due to the lousy weather we decide not to go into the park but instead go north on HWY 191 towards Bozeman, MT. At first the weather seems to improve and we even get some sunshine, then it starts raining and the only solace we get is that we see a black bear right next to the street, walking up into the forest.

We continue in pouring rain to Bozeman – there we have coffee and a lemon loaf before we stroll through Home Depot and two close by outdoor and sports stores. We also get some fresh bread, cheese and prosciutto at Costco for our dinner tonight.

When we come out of the store the sky has cleared a bit and it has stopped raining. We finally see the mountains surrounding the town and we see how beautiful Bozeman is.

Early afternoon we start our way back south on HWY 287 – the weather plays in our favor and we can finally enjoy gorgeous Montana! We pass by Earthquake Lake which was formed in 1959 by a landslide caused by an earthquake. The trees are still sticking out of the water after more than 50 years.

On the way back in the afternoon we see a lot of antelopes, sometimes in small groups and sometimes mingling between cows or just laying in the middle of the wide meadows just by themselves.

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