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Scenic Route 143 and Cedar Breaks

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/400 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 52,237

Time: about 10:00

The weather is still lousy, but we want to move on and do something. 

So, we take Scenic Route 143 from Panguitch to Cedar City. It leads up and up, higher and higher into the mountains, first through green farming land with little rivers flowing through meadows with grassing cows, then we pass Panguitch Lake, where we meet some Prairie Dogs. We also pass some hills of lava surrounded by fresh green aspen trees, a beautiful contrast. Slowly but surely we are reaching an elevation of over 10,500 feet (3’200 Meter). Here spring has only just arrived, there we still find some snow and the temperature reaches just about 52 Fahrenheit (9 Celius).  

In these cold and almost wintery conditions we arrive at Cedar Breaks National Park. This is Bryce Canyon’s little brother, as beautiful and amazing as Bryce Canyon but a lot smaller. Again we also see some deers today (they don’t seem to mind the cold and windy weather).

Later we are glad to be down in greener and warmer areas while approaching Cedar City. As we had a nasty spot on our pictures and were not able to find this one peace of dust in the camera, we try to find a camera store, but in the whole city with a population of over 20,000 there is no camera store. The one they had closed down over a year ago. The next one is in St. George. OK, so what do we do – we drive the 40 something miles to St. George. We find the camera store and get helped by a real expert. Marco is happy that it’s nothing more serious and can be cleaned easily (if you have the right tools).

Next door is a Wal-Mart, we take the chance and treat our Jeep to a set new tires, which takes the rest of the afternoon.

We remember that last time we were in St. George we ate at a nice Buffet Restaurant just off HWY 15. For $10.99 per person you can eat what ever you like and as much as you can, a real temptation to which we fully give in!

Overnight Stay: Howard Johnson Inn, St. George, UT (We have a coupon for $39.99)

Dinner: Chuck A Rama

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