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Yosemite National Park

SONY DSC-V1, f/5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 102,973
07:00: time to get up. Marco is checking our stocks and I do my first cardio workout since leaving San Diego – it feels great!
At 9:30 we hit the road again: on Hwy 41 North to Yosemite National Park hoping there will be less people than in Sequoia National Park yesterday.

Unfortunately, our worries become true and we find ourselves in endless column of cars driving through Yosemite all the parking lots are packed and it’s hardly possible to take pictures without any people. The landscape though is, once again, magnificent: Yosemite Valley is very green and the river is clear. The waterfalls we see from Glacier Point but we don’t drive all the way to the end of the valley because of too much traffic. It’s a real pity that this beautiful park is so overcrowded. We feel unable to enjoy it and therefore leave again. On the way to Modesto we see some very nice lakes and farming land. It’s hilly with dry grass and some trees first and the closer we come to Modesto the more fruit tree plantation we see and we also pass the Del Monte factories.

We stay at the Vagabond and have a delicious Italian dinner tonight. In the end it still turned out to be very nice day.

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