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Wiregrass Canyon

SONY DSLR-A700, f/10, 1/320 sec, ISO 200

Odometer: 51,750

Time: 10:00

It’s Sunday, we are getting up late and take it easy before leaving the motel for our planned walk. There are a few scattered clouds on the sky and the temperatures are forecasted to about 78 Fahrenheit (25 Celsius).

Once more we start from Warm Creek Road, but this time by foot down Wiregrass Canyon. We actually decided before we even started our hike that we are not going to go all the way to the lake (3 miles) but only down to the nice passages in the canyon. With this in mind we start walking with about 3 liters of water some emergency food (almonds and raisins) and the camera equipment. First we have to walk through the shallow creek before we can get down into the canyon. Once in the canyon we are guided to the left and to the right by 30 feet high rock walls, washed out by water and wind and full of side canyons. At first the canyon is quite small and the further towards the lake we get the wider it becomes. I guess we walk down about 2 miles, to the second natural bridge. The first one is after about one mile and is separating the main canyon from a side canyon, this second one we actually have to pass. Meanwhile it is about 1:00 pm and we have walked (with stops) for about 2 hours. We take a break have a big sip of water and then slowly start to make our way back. 

On the whole trip the canyon down and back up again we are once more fascinated by the ever changing rock colors and formation and the quietness. We also see some very nice lizards and a frog. 

Looking at the beautiful pictures in the evening, we have to confess, that it was definitely worth it!

Overnight Stay Debbie’s Hide A Way

Dinner: Hamburgers from the BBQ at Debbie’s Hide A Way

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