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Canyonlands National Park, Hovenweep National Monument

SONY DSC-V1, f/5.6, 1/500 sec, ISO 100

Odometer: 107,870
07:15 we get up. 08:00 we get gasoline and are on Hwy 191 to the south entrance to the Canyonlands National Park (the Needles District).

Already the way to the south part of the park indicates that this will look completely different than the north part. We pass all shapes and sizes of red rock formations. A lot of them have a bright stone as a ‘cap’ – to me they look a bit like mushrooms. Compared to yesterday when we saw the canyons from above, we today are at the bottom of the canyon, which very impressive as well.

Early afternoon we drive on through Monticello and Blanding and then turn left into SR 262. Following the signs we reach Hovenweep National Monument. We take a walk along the canyon and look at the about 700 year old ruins of Hovenweep. From there it is ‘only’ 45 miles to Cortez where we spend the night at the Tomahawk Inn. Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants (especially the Italian ones) are closed. We finally find something to eat at the local Micro brewery, before we return to the motel to get rid of all the dust and sweat we collected today.

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