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Enjoying the pool

SONY DSLR-A900, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 200

After a busy morning, we spend the late afternoon and evening around the pool and play with the kids – we have a lot of fun and they do too.

While playing around the pool I also discover a cactus flower I’ve never seen before – looks like a starfish, doesn’t it. Indeed, it’s a starfish cactus:

Stapelia grandiflora is a flowering plant in the Stapelia genus. It is commonly referred to as the Carrion Plant, Starfish Flower, or Starfish Cactus, although it is not related to cacti at all. The name “Carrion Plant” (due to the odor emitted by the flowers as a technique of attracting flies in areas where other pollinating insects are scarce) can also refer to similar Stapelia species as well as members of related genera, including Stapelia gigantea and Orbea variegata. Stapelia grandiflora sometimes also goes by the name of Stapelia flavirostris.

Source: wikipedia.com

For dinner we have a barbecued chicken from Sam’s Club.

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