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Wonderful morning

SONY ILCE-7RM3, f/8, 1/250 sec, ISO 320

As most weekends this winter I went with Marco to the Salt River at Goldfield Rd. When heading towards the sand cliffs to look for javelina and maybe bighorn sheep we came a cross a small band of horses with two fowls (a filly and a colt – a girl and a boy).

Suddenly we heard a shot that spooked the horses (and us) and a short while later a hunter passed by. We asked him about hunting season and he confirmed that this was the last day – finally!

We figured that in this case it was not worth walking back to the cliffs and instead decided to stay with the horses for a while. At first they were eating and slowly one after the other lay down and took a nap. It was a very peaceful and harmonious atmosphere and they luckily let us be part of it – what a wonderful morning!

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  • Cacciatore

    We admire the wildlife habitat and diversity of animals in your surrounding area.
    Please add story and picture of the coincidental meeting with a coyote!

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