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Koi Pond – phase I and II

SONY SLT-A77V, f/11, 1/320 sec, ISO 200

I do not recall how this all started and who had the idea, but we suddenly are in a discussion about a Koi Pond.

David walks us to the back of the property where he has a small prefabricated 50 gallons pond and we decide that it would be nice to integrate it into Shelly’s (the tortoise’s) compound. The next day the plan is put into practice and the setting with this little pond comes into place. We barely finish it, when we all look at it and decide that it is too small and that we need to extend it and put in a bigger pond (in addition) and have the water fall from the small to the big pond to have more water volume and be able to better control the temperature.

David and Marco go to Home Depot the very same evening and come back with a nice big 90 gallons pond. The next day David and I are shoveling the hole under Marco’s directions and by the evening we are ready to fill it with water and decorate the surroundings. Now we have a nice system and enough water to finalize David’s dream of a Koi Pond – we introduce 5 small Koi fish to their new home!

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